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President's Message

  Another New Year…a time for resolutions, reflection, and reassessments…not necessarily in that order. Life in Tellico Village can be hectic with so many choices of activities and clubs. It is common for many to overextend themselves and then to consider how to simplify to find time to breathe. If certain goals were to be fulfilled, I knew that eliminating some activities would be necessary. Art has always been very important to me, so time to reflect and create had to be a priority. I love teaching art as much as I love creating art, and most other things fall behind that in importance.

  The reason I “volunteered” to serve as President of AGTV is that someone was needed to hold the post. Recently I came upon a quote that is a good one to share. “The health of a society depends on voluntary unselfishness.” We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of Board Members and Chairpersons, without whom we could not function as an organization. They are most generous in sharing their time and skills to serve all of the membership. An active Art Guild was an important reason we moved to Tellico Village, and others have expressed the same opinion.

  Our monthly meetings provide exceptional artists who share their ideas and techniques. Well-known local artists, as well as artists of international fame, have come to awe us and we have more to come in the next few months. AGTV provides assorted classes and workshops at Chota Rec. Center just minutes from your door…including workshops given by famous artists. From personal experience, I can tell you the fees for the workshops are very reasonable. I cannot imagine our community without such wonderful opportunities.

  The Spring Art Exhibit will be upon us in early May and many have stepped up to serve in various capacities. Our Chairwoman will be asking for further assistance and we hope you will participate. The exhibit is a wonderful opportunity for artists of all levels to share their creativity with the entire community. Nearly 1,000 folks came to view the art last year! Our display is free to the public and is a cultural gift to the community from AGTV.

  Very soon we will be seeking new volunteers to take on various board positions and chairmanships for the 2020-21 year. We would love to have some new faces and new ideas help us to grow.

Another quote by David Brooks is: “A good life is a symbiotic life…serving others wholeheartedly and being served in return.” See you at the next meeting…always the third Thursday of the month on the 5th floor of the Yacht Club.

Happy New Year!

Lee Edge

2019-2020 President, Art Guild of Tellico Village

Guild members, guests and individuals interested in joining the Art Guild are welcome to meetings, classes, and workshops. AGTV is a partner of the Tellico Village University.   TVU promotes all types of continued learning and education for seniors. AGTV supports their mission and has partnered with them to make the AGTV programs, workshops and classes available to the residents of Tellico Village, Loudon, TNAGTV is a Silver Member of the Tellico Life Website, which was sponsored by the Tellico Village HOA and developed as a "one stop" website to find out about clubs and organizations in Tellico VIllage.  The vision is to also have a way to join a club(s) and to sign-up for events.

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Art Guild 2020 Art Show

May 1-3, 2020

TV Community Church's Christian Life Center

Applications are now being accepted for this year's show. Please review the 2020 Art Show information page before submitting your application.

Art Guild membership begins in September of each year. To join or renew, please use our NEW online membership form.

Member Highlights

Our guild contains many talented artists who have pieces in exhibits and show. See where they are currently exhibiting.


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Monthly Meetings and Programs

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Thursday, February 20 2020

Title:  My Life with Art

Speaker: Wendy Leedy

Program: Wendy Leedy was raised a city girl in Chattanooga. Wendy was always interested in art and horses. Wendy’s passion for art drives her to use an array of media. It was her interest with art and horses that opened doors for her. Each piece of art has a story to tell whether it’s personal, historical, or purely for entertainment.

New Workshops

Introduction to Oil Stick Painting
Dates:   March 5,6 and 7th
Instructor: Paul deMarrais
Assemblage Three Day Workshop
Dates: April 2nd-4th 
InstructorSandra Washburn

For details see the Classes & Workshops page.

See the Classes & Workshops page
 for other Upcoming 2019/2020 Activities

Second Mondays:  Open Art Studio

Location:  Chota Recreation Center, 145 Awohili Drive, Loudon, TN 37774

 Time: 8 am to 5 pm